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With over 12 years experience in Bay Area Media, Go-To Productions has worked with many experienced professionals in both Northern & Southern California, and all over the country. From Radio Shows, Podcast Shows, PR & Marketing Firms, Video Production Companies, Internet Radio, Satellite Radio & much more...


"Charlene's enthusiasm for radio, broadcasting, and new media is infectious! She makes me want to be the best host I possibly can!"


Christine Mathias, Reporter & Producer for iHeartMedia



"I've been in radio for a while now and had the honor of crossing paths with Char about 6 or 7 years ago... She is one of the hardest working, most determined and patient people I know, which if you work in radio, that combination is a rarity. She doesn't mess around, if she says something will be done, it will be done. Not only will it be done, but the product at the end will probably blow your mind. Because of all these things, and many more, I can't wait to see what the future holds for Go-To Productions."


Katie Green, Co-Host & Reporter for KSFO Radio



"I am proud to recommend Charlene as the person to hire if you want to make radio magic. She is a seasoned professional and visionary who can develop a concept and bring that idea to fruition in order to produce an excellent product. Charlene can calmly wear many hats on a project-- executive producer, editor, engineer, technical support, brainstormer, and ego manager.

Charlene helped me develop my radio program from inception to broadcast. Her insight and expertise helped me draw out my best and she always challenged me with notes on how to get even better. After years of production experience, Charlene has developed a drive and a passion for broadcast radio that is reflected in her work. You can count on her to deliver an excellent, professional product."


Nicole Grigg, Producer & Copywriter for Broadcast Media/KQED




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