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New Episodes Debut Every Tuesday! 

Bitch Talk Podcast with Erin & friends... 

...It’s like eavesdropping on two 30-something women at Happy Hour.


No topic is out of bounds or off limits, especially when the whiskey starts to flow.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll agree or maybe not.  Coming straight from the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, Bitch Talk is a podcast for anyone who can handle the quirky psyche of the sexy/nerdy 30-something hipster chick.


About Erin

Erin Lim is a Bay Area native and a San Francisco resident of 7 years. A graduate of the California State University Hayward, Erin is currently a Senior Publicist for a film marketing agency in San Francisco.  Erin’s career has been in the local communications medium for 17 years and has spent the majority of that career in private and public television production. Erin has worked behind the camera as a booking producer at the television station KRON and on the news desk of KPIX - CBS in San Francisco. She also ventured into the cable side of television working on shows for HGTV, Court TV and The History Channel. Transitioning to being in front of the mic seemed natural to Erin especially since Bitch Talk covers all the topics you didn't thing we would talk about. When not working, you can find Erin eating cured meats and cheeses in front of her television catching up on Chopped episodes.



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