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OFF White with Dino-Ray Ramos

...Commentary with Color


OFF WHITE brings together a panel of minorities (and one token white hetero male) with host Dino-Ray Ramos to discuss the portrayal of people of color, women, the LGBTQ community and other minorities in today's movies, TV, music, pop culture and media. It's a very Larry Wilmore/Jon Stewart-esque setting rather than something you'd see on CNN.






From Dino-Ray Ramos

I wanted to start this podcast because it combines two of my favorite things: being an advocate for minorities and being an entertainment journalist. It's a great place for people of color involved in theentertainment industry come together and talk about how they are portrayed in entertainment. We hear it in bits and pieces, but I wanted to have a show that was a big platform for all of us to speak out and share our stories about what they see and have experienced in the entertainment world 


About Dino-Ray

Dino is a writer that watches too much TV and enjoys movies, both good and bad movies. He likes writing with a humorous slant in hopes that someone is listening to him. He can inhale a burrito in a little under five minutes, is awkwardly charming, enjoys inappropriate humor and is nerdy for comedy. 

In addition to his site "The Finer Dandy", he currently lends his magical writing skills to Paste Magazine, The Backlot (formerly, and 7× He was also a staff writer at the Oakland Tribune and has contributed to and San Francisco Chronicle. You can also see him doing his best impression of an Asian Donahue when he is moderating post-screening Q&As with famous people. Overall, he just wants to be loved…because he loves all of you.

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